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Over 100 journalists have been picked as nominees for the Excellence in Journalism Awards Tanzania (EJAT) 2013.

The names of the nominees were read out by the Pili Mtambalike on behalf of the chairperson of the EJAT Organising Committee, Kajubi Mukajanga at a press conference held today on February 25, 2014 at the offices of the Media Council of Tanzania (MCT).

 The nominees were picked by a nine-member panel of EJAT judges headed by veteran journalist and media trainer Gervas Moshiro.

 Other members of the panel who scrutinized over 900 entries submitted for the competition were Mwanzo Millinga, Pili Mtambalike, Chrysostom Rweyemamu, Ananilea Nkya, Jesse Kwayu, Hassan Mittawi, Pudenciana Temba and Suleiman Kissoky.

The judges sifted and scrutinized the entries for seven days from February 7, 2014. They were sworn in to undertake the arduous task by the President of the Governing Board of MCT, Justice Dr. Robert Kisanga on January 29, 2014.

The hundred plus one journalists picked as nominees for EJAT 2013 will find out who among them are the winners for the coveted awards in the 19 categories of EJAT on March 14, at a Gala Night to be held at Mlimani City Hall in Dar es Salaam.

The number of nominees have increased by 24.6 percent compared to last year where we had 81 nominees only.

Of the total number of 101 nominees, 46 are from print media which is an increase of 5 more nominees as compared to 41 of last year.

The number of TV nominees has also increased from 21 last year to 39 this year while for TV there is a decrease of three nominees.

There has been an increase in the number of female journalists nominated from 11 in the 2012 awards to 18 in the 2013 awards which is an increase of 63.6 per cent.

The Judge President of the East African Court of Justice, Hon. Justice Harold Nsekela, will be the Chief Guest at the Awards Giving Ceremony.

Meanwhile a panel of experts of Life Time Achievement in Journalism award(LAJA) has also submitted names of nominees and the winner will be announced at the same Awards Giving Gala Night.

The (LAJA) panel was chaired by Theophil Makunga and members included Joyce Mhavile, Lilian Kallaghe, Jenerali Ulimwengu and Hamisi Mzee.

The categories that were contested in EJAT are:

1. Economic and Business Reporting

2. Sports and Culture Reporting

3. Environment Reporting

4. Health Reporting

5. HIV/AIDS Reporting

6. Children Reporting

7. Good Governance

8. Gender Reporting

9. Science and Technology Reporting

10. Investigative Reporting

11. Malaria Reporting

12. Education Reporting

13. Tourism and Conservation Reporting

14. Reporting People with Disabilities

15. Best Photographer – Print

     Best Photographer – Television

16. Best cartoonist

17. Agriculture and Agri-business

18. Sexual and Reproductive Health for Young People

19. Open Category

The nominee are as follows;


SNName of NomineeMediumRegion
1.Sam MahelaTVDar es Salaam
2.Makiwa JumanneRadioMara
3.Richard MwaikendaPrintDar es Salaam
4.Harith JahaRadioGeita
5.Polycarp MachiraPrintDar es Salaam
6.Juma NugazTVDar es Salaam
7.Rashid MkwindaPrintMbeya
8.Regina KulindwaRadioMwanza
9.Peninah KajuraRadioMwanza
10.Dickson Ngh’ilyPrintDar es Salaam
11.Kalunde JamalPrintDar es Salaam
12.Florence MajaniPrintDar es Salaam
13.Abel KilumbuTVDar es Salaam
14.Ashton BalaigwaPrintMorogoro
15.Sheila SezzyPrintMwanza
16.Secilia NdabigezeRadioMwanza
17.Annuary MsechuTVArusha
18.Lekoko Ole LivilalTVDar es Salaam
19.Clara PatrickRadioMwanza
20.Anna TitusPrintDar es Salaam
21.Gervaz HubileRadioDar es Salaam
22.Grace KiondoRadioZanzibar
23.Beldina NyakekePrintMusoma
24.Jamali HashimTVDar es Salaam
25.Frank LeonardPrintIringa
26.Kelvin MatandikoPrintDar es Salaam
27.Noel ThomsonRadioMwanza
28.Romana MallyaPrintDar es Salaam
29Asraji MvungiTVArusha
30Jackson MwafulangoRadioMwanza
31Gerald MalekelaRadioIringa
32Mashaka MgetaPrintDar es Salaam
33Festo SikagonamoTVMbeya
34Isakwisa MwaifugeTVDar es Salaam
35Khadija MussaPrintDar es Salaam
36Emmanuel MichaelTVMwanza
37Hawa Halifa MsangiRadioKilimanjaro
38Harieth MakwetaPrintDar es Salaam
39.Khadija MzeeTVDar es Salaam
40.Husna MohammedPrintZanzibar
41.Mwantanga VuaiPrintZanzibar
42.Emmanuel MakundiRadioDar es Salaam
43.Reuben KagarukiPrintDar es Salaam
44.Rahma AllyPrintZanzibar
45.Abdallah MajuraRadioDodoma
46.Deogratius MachaRadioArusha
47.Zephania UbwaniPrintArusha
48.Elias MsuyaPrintDar es Salaam
49.Richard MakorePrintDar es Salaam
50.Freddy AzzahPrintDar es Salaam
51.Paul MabugaTVMwanza
52.Khamis AbdallahRadioMwanza
53.Peter OrwaPrintDar es Salaam
54.Manyerere J. NyererePrintDar es Salaam
55.Kisali SimbaTVMwanza
56.Charles UrioRadioMwanza
57.Hilali RuhundwaRadioKagera
58.John BwirePrintDar es Salaam
59.Grace MachaPrintArusha
60.Raymond NyamwihulaTVMwanza
61.Jacquiline MasindePrintGeita
62.Vedasto MsunguTVKagera
63.Mhidini MsambaPrintDar es Salaam
64.Deus BugaywaPrintDar es Salaam
65.Bashir NkoromoPrintDar es Salaam
66.Gordon KalulungaPrintMbeya
67.Fidelis FelixPrintDar es Salaam
68.Anthony SiamePrintDar es Salaam
69.Dionis MoyoRadioArusha
70.Idd Juma YusuphRadioMwanza
71.Abdul KingoPrintDar es Salaam
72.Athumani MtulyaPrintDar es Salaam
73.Cassius MdamiTVDar es Salaam
74.Phinias BashayaPrintKagera
75.Mussa JumaPrintArusha
76.Cuthbert JosephRadioMwanza

 The number of nominees in the list above appears shorter but it was explained during the press conference that some of the journalists have been nominated in more than one category’

EJAT is organized by MCT and partners who include Tanzania, Media Fund (TMF), Tanzania Editors Forum (TEF), Association of Journalists Against Aids (AJAAT), Tanzania Sports Writers Association (TASWA), Media Owners of Tanzania (MOAT) Media Institute of Southern Africa -Tanzania Chapter (MISA-Tan), John Hopkins University, HakiElimu, Tanzania Media Women’s Association (TAMWA), AMREF, ANSAF, BEST-AC and Sikika

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